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15th-Jun-2007 12:47 pm - Photoshoot #3
OMG totally forgot to submit this lovely photos of Aden's faceup and his new wig <3

Photos total: Thirteen

7th-Jun-2007 05:42 pm - WTF?!

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Hehe, yeah I got bored working on my English paper so I set aside that and took these quizzes XD. *sighs* Back to studying -_-...
30th-May-2007 04:52 pm - Big day tomorrow!
Hello everyone, this is Aden ^.^. *turns to see mom sleeping*... yeah my mom is taking a little nap. Today was her first day going back to her internship and school since she got sick last week u.u, but she is feeling much much better which is good cause she is definitely going to need the strength to catch up on her schoolwork and her artwork ^.^;.

Ummm... oh also tomorrow my mom is finally going to do a faceup on me PLUS I'm getting myself a lip piercing *squees*. Kinda funny story actually, you see ever since I came to her life I kept on bragging and bragging getting my lip pierced, but mom said no. So I told her if I can't have one then she should take hers off cause well it looks weird when your mom wears one, lol. After that she said okay, so as soon as my faceup is done, then I'll get one. Hehe, I sooo can't wait!

Also since tomorrow I'll be getting my faceup, mom decided to take some pictures of me... kinda like before and then later on after photos. *sighs* She has become a photography nerd all of a sudden >.<. But yeah, today was my first time going outside which I was excited, but mom kept on worrying that the sun would damage my skin. OMG mom look up okay... notice the clouds for crying out loud!

So far I'm liking it here. Though the weather is starting to get kinda hot ^.^;.

Well I better log off, she doesn't know that I posting this so umm yeah! Oh and don't you love the new layout title she did for me <3! I love her so much. Hehe anyways below are the photos, and now I will log off, bye!

27th-May-2007 12:00 am - Photos of Aden Take One...
Out of all the photos I took today, their is only three that I like and thats the first three >_<! I like the rest, but the sun was coming down when I went to the forth one so... yeah haha! Also today I was planning to start doing his faceup, but the humidity got me... hopefully tomorrow it will be a nice day *crosses fingers*.

Anyways, these photos are just practice adjusting to the lighting and the camera and such ^_^.

25th-May-2007 03:18 pm - Aden is here!
OMG he is soooo cute *squee* even without a faceup (which btw I will do sometime this weekend) and my gosh those eyes! I can't imagine that he is already here, and as promised here is the arrival images (later on I'll add his bio). Oh and sorry for the bad quality and such... was too excited to adjust me digital camera, but I will take some better quality images when me Aden finishes taking his nap ^^.

Oh and I thank my brother for holding Roxas and Sora while I was taking some pictures <3!

20th-May-2007 03:00 pm - OMG I'm not dead + my own BJD!
Been like two months since I posted my journal and I feel all guilty inside from not posting u.u. But yesh nothing much going in my life right now, except that two weeks ago was my first day for my summer semester and that I started my internship that week so yeah been busy. PLUS I have sketchie requests and other stuff that I'm almost done, but ever since I gotten sick this past Thursday (and still sick), I have been literally putting it on hold.

But in other news... yesterday I finally had enough money to buy my very first MSD BJD(or Mini Super Dollfie Ball Joint Doll) *screams*! After browsing on Den of Angels Forum (which btw is the BEST BJD forum of all time, has lots of awesome information of the companies that make the dolls, clothes, wigs, etc. and much much more!), I chose Dollmore! I have read many good replies for the people who ordered from that company such as fast shipping, great quality of the dolls and clothes and stuff, great service etc. PLUS the price of the dolls are in reasonable prices which is great for a first time BJD owner such as myself ^^!

So yup here is me lil boy that I ordered:

Click here for more information of him ^^!

Oh and I bought him a pair of Skull Sneakers, Dandy Short Cut hair wig (black btw), pair of pants, striped pattern stockings, and a Super Star t-shirt! OMG I am so going to spoil him with all the goodness! And all together were under $400.00 which is great! Though now I'm going have to think what I'm going to say to my parents when they see a huge box under my name... hmmmmz maybe I can say its a graduation gift to myself or something haha!

But yeah now I got to think what name I should give him... maybe I should give him a Korean name since he is coming from South Korea?! GAH! I don't know *scratches head*. Well for now I will call him by his default name, U-jee and later on when he comes to me home he may tell his name *giggles*.

Oh oh and when he comes home I will spam pictures of him and I'm thinking of making this journal my Dollfie site for now on! That way I can be more active of me journal and all!

Well I gots to go... getting all sleepy!

Bai bai!
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